5 Key Findings from the 2022 Alumni Impact Survey

A new report details how the pandemic has impacted alumni, and how alumni are impacting the world.

In the last three years, the Covid-19 pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, climate change and other global emergencies have created tremendous disruption for billions worldwide. But how has this challenging period impacted INSEAD alumni in particular?

Earlier this year, a team led by the INSEAD Gender Initiative sought to explore this question in-depth. From February to April 2022, they administered a large-scale survey to alumni across the globe, and more than 6,000 graduates participated. The survey covered topical issues ranging from employment changes and caregiving demands to engagement and leadership in social impact.

The results of that survey, including an analysis of its data, were released in the Alumni Impact Report issued in July 2022. One of the most striking findings was the overwhelming number of alumni who are actively serving as a force for good in their communities and organisations. Alumni reported very high engagement in some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental issues, as detailed in the report.

Here are five key findings from the report.

1. Workloads and caregiving demands have increased for working-age alumni


Defined as alumni younger than 65, working-age alumni reported increasing demands at home and work since the start of Covid-19. A portion of these alumni also reported changing careers during this period.

2. Nearly twice as many women versus men lost their jobs during the crisis

According to the researchers, this imbalance is partially explained by labour segregation and caretaking responsibilities. In the survey, domestic responsibilities appear to have directly contributed to the layoff gap between men and women.

3. Career changes have impacted women more than men

These career changes include scaling back on work responsibilities and/or leaving a job entirely. New and shifting priorities have also had a greater impact on career decisions for women versus men.

4. INSEAD Alumni are highly engaged in critical issues for business and society

While alumni reported participating in a variety of socio-economic issues, they are especially active in six particular areas: poverty reduction, corporate diversity and inclusion, employee health and wellbeing, reducing climate change, developing female talent, and building tech/future products.

5. With age, social impact leadership and participation on non-profit boards increases

When looking at alumni across generations, researchers found Baby Boomers and Post-War alumni were most active on non-profit boards. Alumni also increasingly identify as social impact leaders as their lives progress.

For more information on the alumni survey’s methodology and results, download the full report.
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