Viking Advice (continued) by Lars Moeller

Bertil: I won’t survive a year in Fontainebleau without a girlfriend!

Lars: I agree, so why don’t we try to meet someone at Café Glaces?

They sat near a table of four young women, all of them INSEAD or CEDEP secretaries. One of them caught Bertil’s eye and Lars encouraged him to give it a try.

Bertil: But how do I do it? I don’t know her…..

Lars: I’m  leaving now, but just do what you told me to do with the banks: go and tell her that you would like to flirt with her, but don’t know how. Ask for her assistance.

A few days later, Lars came to Bertil’s room to discuss some homework and found Bertil sitting in the bathtub, reading half of a newspaper while Maggie, yes, the girl from the other table in Café Glaces, sat on a chair, her feet in the tub, reading the other half of the paper.

An unforgettable and moving sight, in Lars’ recollection!

p.s. A few month after graduation, Bertil and Maggie got married and Lars was Bertil’s best man. They had two lovely daughters, Majbritt and Anna, and Lars is Majbritt’s godfather.

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