Viking Advice by Lars Moeller

A Viking’s advice is simple, short and works!

Lars Moeller: I have no money to finance my studies here.

Bertil Byskov: Neither do I.

Lars: So, how do you manage?

Bertil: I ask for funds in Denmark!

Lars: Could I do that as well, even though I’m Swedish? I do write and speak Danish.

Bertil: Of course you can.

Lars: But where do I go to ask?

Bertil: Go where the money is: to the banks!

So Lars asked Dean Berry for a week’s leave, borrowed a dark suit from his brother-in-law and collected application forms from every bank in Copenhagen. Back in Fontainebleau the two fearless Vikings formed a special task force and spent every evening and night for weeks typing scholarship applications, entrusting the case study work to their respective group members.

Each of them managed to get ten individual financial contributions from Denmark, enough to pay their fees and for a smashing sangria party after graduation for all Residence colleagues. Dean Berry toasted them, acknowledging with satisfaction: “You two guys are the best example of what INSEAD means: The art of managing difficult situations”.

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