Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth by Common observation

Provided the INSEAD address book is correct, in the fifteen years before our famous 16th Promotion there was never a participant named Koch. Probably in order to make up for that, there were four Kochs in our year! Even though “Koch” is German for “cook”, none of them was German.

Evelyne was French, Ewald was Peruvian, Haakon was Norwegian and Laurent was Belgian.

This is, in itself, quite remarkable, but can we draw any conclusions from this? Even if they were cooking a broth, how many is too many? Compared to the other promotions without any Kochs, four of them was definitely sizeable, but who would say they were too many? They were all friendly and valuable colleagues.

Conclusion: Proverbs are inappropriate more often than you’d expect.

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