The ripple effect of giving to scholarships

At INSEAD, scholarships mean more than financial aid. Scholarships keep our school competitive, advance our mission and expand our diversity. They enable the world’s most talented students to choose INSEAD and maintain the school’s unique educational environment that makes learning at INSEAD a transformational experience and a hallmark of excellence.

Classrooms without borders
Throughout her career as a global executive, Christina Law MBA’91D has given back to INSEAD – whether by donating to support an improved INSEAD learning facility, serving on the INSEAD Board of Directors and Campaign Board or establishing two scholarships: the Christina Law MBA’91D Endowed Scholarship for Asian Women and the Mr & Mrs Lo Ling Endowed Scholarship.

Law’s motivation for giving is as inspiring as her professional trajectory. The Hong Kong native wants to expand INSEAD’s scholarships to attract more top students from diverse countries, nationalities and backgrounds. She also wants to empower more talented women to earn an MBA from INSEAD.

Law also has personal reasons for giving back. Nearly 30 years ago, when she received an admission offer from INSEAD, she realised that she could barely afford the MBA programme’s tuition. Although her father had limited financial resources, he “didn’t think twice about supporting my studies,” she says, and helped fund her education. This act of generosity paved the way for what became a life-altering experience: At INSEAD, Law discovered a new sense of self as she experienced challenges that tested her resolve, transformed her perspective and opened her eyes to new possibilities.

Today, in honour of her parents and her INSEAD education, Law wants to pay it forward by helping “high-potential candidates facing the financial challenges I once had,” she says.


“Make a difference, do the right thing, enjoy yourself and let your business be a force for good.”

Christina Law

Paving the way…
Bella Chou MBA’20J, recipient of The Christina Law MBA’91D Scholarship, benefitted directly from Law’s generous spirit, and similarly believes in lifting up other women. Passionate about technology and innovation, the Taiwan national hopes to use the knowledge, skills and networks she gains at INSEAD to help pave the way for more women leaders in her field.

“Receiving a scholarship that specifically supports Asian women is a great honour that goes well beyond the financial aspect of the award.”

Bella Chou


…to make a difference
Others, like Adam Rouhana MBA’20J, hope to realise ambitious plans with the help of an INSEAD education, plans which may not have materialised without a helping hand. Rouhana, recipient of the Sylff Scholarship, co-founded the Diyalo Foundation to increase access to free, high-quality primary education in rural Nepal. In the long-run, he hopes to support global efforts to level the playing field through the use of technology, so that all students, regardless of income or geography, have access to the best educational tools and experiences.


“Given the cost of an international MBA, without my scholarship, I would not be able to work towards this goal for several years.”

Adam Rouhana

To attract the best candidates from around the world – like Law, Chou and Rouhana – scholarships are essential, and could mean the difference between a student accepting a place at INSEAD and having to decline it. We hope that you will consider making a gift to Scholarships today so that we can continue to attract the most talented, inspiring and ambitious students and do what INSEAD does best – equip them to make a real difference in business and society.

Read more about the impact donors have on INSEAD and how they are leaving a mark on the school: INSEAD Donors Report 2018/2019.

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