Navigating through COVID-19: A Lifelong Learning Webinar Series

In these unprecedented times, the world finds itself surrounded by uncertainties. The impact of COVID-19 on our economy and society will affect every single individual and organisation across the globe.

As more companies are looking for ways to swim through this pandemic, INSEAD Lifelong Learning presents to you a series of webinars with our world-class faculty that will help you navigate through the turbulence created by the novel coronavirus.

1. Coordinating Pharma and Medtech Supplies for COVID-19
In this webinar with INSEAD Affiliate Professor of Technology Prashant Yadav, he explores the challenges in connecting available medical supplies with those who need them. The webinar is moderated by the Executive Director of INSEAD Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, Katell Le Goulven.

2. Leading in a Crisis
COVID-19 has brought with it an economic crisis with business implications yet to come. During these times, leaders have to remain strategic to ensure their organisation is able to handle the global impact while leading their teams forward. INSEAD Senior Affiliated Professor of Organisational Behaviour Declan Fitzsimons, interviewed by Associate Dean of Degree Programmes Katy Montgomery, explains emphatically what is happening to us and how we should lead in this crisis.

3. Risk Assessment Lessons for Today from Past Outbreaks
While the world has evolved and technology has helped us remain more connected than ever, the lessons from past pandemics are essential to guide us through COVID-19. In this webinar, INSEAD Professor of Technology and Operations Management Stephen E. Chick, explores the lessons from past pandemics that can be applied to the present-day crisis in managing risks faced by organisations globally. He is interviewed by Ridhima Aggarwal, Salmon and Rameau Associate Director of the Healthcare Management Initiative.

4. COVID-19 and Inequalities
Whether it is access to healthcare or basic supplies, economic and societal inequalities are widening further as the world combats COVID-19. From controlling the spread to treating the sick, inequalities have been intertwined with every rule laid out by Governments to protect their citizens. Join INSEAD Professor of Economics Mark Stabile as he analyses how these global inequalities have affected the population in times of COVID-19 and the impact it will leave. COVID-19 and Inequalities will be moderated by the Executive Director of INSEAD Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, Katell Le Goulven. 

5. The Economic Consequences of the Corona Pandemic
Stay home notices, quarantines and the fear of the contagious nature of COVID-19 has led several businesses to shut down temporarily or permanently. The stock market has seen a severe decline and economies are visibly affected. At the end of the coronavirus pandemic, organisations will face a new crisis – an economic one. In this webinar, moderated by Director of Media Relations and Research Communications Chris Howells, INSEAD Professor of Economics Antonio Fatas explores the economic consequences that will arise at the end of COVID-19 and what leaders and organisations need to look out for.

6. Designing Remote Collaboration
One way to highlight an organisation or team’s strength lies in their ability to continue business as usual while working remotely and COVID-19 has created an opportunity for team leaders to put this to the test. Several areas of work require teams to collaborate on an everyday basis to maintain business continuity and it takes effort, from the team leads and the individual employees. INSEAD Professor of Strategy Phanish Puranam talks about the dynamics of telecommuting and how teams can continue working together while apart. He will be interviewed by the Director of Lifelong Learning at INSEAD, Anne-Ev Enzmann.

The Navigating through COVID-19 webinar series is scheduled to continue until the end of June 2020. Visit to register for upcoming webinars or to watch past episodes and check out our other lifelong learning resources!

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