Jacques Borel, Once Forgiven! by Claudio Pareto

On a quiet winter Saturday evening dining at La Residence, the Jacques Borel of dining complete with the excellent foil-capped vintage wine, Vin de Papa, there was a sudden roar of laughter! Waitresses could barely stay on their feet and those seated, like Jeannine Athas, nearly fell off their chairs, because… Claudio Pareto had just entered in drag! A robust, bosomy woman with a true Brazilian swing to her….uh, his hips. Singing and dancing he proceeded to scale the chairs to dance on the table. Enjoying this wonderful moment of unadulterated (unlike the “wine”) pleasure, one could forgive the miserable meal.

It is rumored, but not officially confirmed, that Jacques Borel later offered Claudio a job performing regularly to keep the restaurant clients happy despite the low quality of the cuisine.

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