INSEAD Brand Evolution

In October 2018, INSEAD Communications launched an institution-wide project to update the school’s brand assets. This brand refresh gives the INSEAD visual identity a refreshed look and feel that fits with the ideas and initiatives coming this academic year and beyond.

At the heart of this brand evolution lies a transformation and maturation of the INSEAD mission and promise, which is given more prominent voice by updated visual elements.

The new look is a subtle yet meaningful change. The evolution of the INSEAD brand is a testimony of our maturity and an inclusive representation of all that our school stands for.

A mission and promise-driven process
One of the first steps in this transformation is to articulate a new direction for growth and development. INSEAD has adopted a new, more direct mission statement that inspires leaders to be more responsible, with a vision built on the idea that business can change the world for good. Our updated branding is the visual manifestation of this mission.

The process to update our brand began with a formal promise from which we designed our new brand framework. We took a deep look at the revised mission. We examined the ideas and ideals behind the INSEAD identity with an eye on how to represent these concepts visually, while building on the INSEAD brand established over decades of leadership.

This knowledge drove a better understanding of our brand, which is outlined in our first-ever Brand Book, a deep dive into the brand promise and philosophy that accompanies the core elements of the brand and guidelines for their use.

This approach integrates the Dean’s vision and school’s mission into a visual identity that is global yet focused, open and inclusive, and representative of the cycle of transformation at INSEAD and around the world.

By transforming people, we transform businesses and we transform the world. It is a cycle of transformation for good. This is the core concept of this brand evolution. On this principle, we are looking back at our history to shape our future. Our logo is the visual representation of this cycle. Our goal is to make every member of the INSEAD community a brand ambassador.

Elements and Assets
To materialise this vision, we are releasing the first INSEAD Brand Book, a point of reference for anyone who wants or needs a deeper understanding of the INSEAD brand. The Brand Book explains the logic behind each element of the brand and gives new assets to use when designing communications. The new elements of the brand include an updated logo, a more robust color palette and new typeface.

The school’s updated logo takes the form of a planet roundel. Representing the world, the logo visually communicates global reach, standing and ambitions, while preserving the essence of the school’s legacy. The circular logo evokes the INSEAD cycle of transformation – transforming people, transforming business, transforming the world – and suggests oneness, openness and inclusiveness.
Green is a point of distinction for INSEAD and we display it proudly. No other school uses green in their identity as we do. The new, expanded green colour palette is our unique differentiator, with positive connotations such as wealth, sustainability, elegance and exclusivity. Complementary colours were chosen for maximum pop – to be deployed when vivid visuals are needed and to give elegant options for more formal applications.

The new Roboto typeface is a logical transition from Rockwell that reflects modernity and gives options to cover almost any use. This makes achieving visual coherence easier and is a natural move from classic to contemporary.

We live in a moment when the world of education is facing a deep transformation. Today’s students are learning differently, in and outside of classrooms. Our modern brand speaks to and inspires the younger generation – future INSEAD students and brand ambassadors.

This latest evolution of the brand reflects our position as a leader in innovative business education. It is a touchstone to engage the community and encourage positive association with the INSEAD experience. It is a celebration of our past, and a foundation for our future.

The INSEAD community will receive the support needed to quickly and completely move to the new brand. This will open the opportunity to focus on what matters most – educating leaders of business and society to transform the world.

Please get in touch if you have questions or comments.

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