INSEAD Alumni Association launches Global Mentorship Programme

Under the guidance of its new President Frans Blom MBA’90D, an exciting new initiative has taken shape recently that sits at the core of the INSEAD Alumni Association’s (IAA) mission to connect and serve INSEAD’s global alumni community.

The IAA Global Mentorship Programme is a new 9-month initiative that pairs junior alumni with more experienced business mentors to help them navigate corporate life with the benefits of peer expertise. Alumni can search for advisors by expertise or location, as well as based on industry knowledge of specific topics such as starting a business, switching careers or the work-life conundrum.

As well as dedicated sessions with mentors, participants can expect specially curated networking events and a team of passionate volunteers on hand to provide support.

Structured programme and carefully selected mentors
The inaugural programme has already seen 103 mentees embark on the next stage of their careers accompanied by a carefully matched mentor from the pool of over 120 seasoned alumni. These volunteer advisors – from entrepreneurs, angel investors and leadership coaches, to psychologists, CEOs and Board Members – not only bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, they were also chosen for their passion to give back to the community.

Cintia Tavella MBA’07D, IDP-C’20Jun, is one of such sought-after mentors on the platform.

“The value of a well-run mentorship programme with the commitment of mentors, mentees and organisers is unique and with long-term positive impact. I have been part of the INSEAD mentorship programmes with our students for years. There has not been a single year in which I have not learnt from my mentees, developed myself and helped others grow and develop in their own journeys. The most incredible value of a mentorship programme is the reverse mentoring opportunities it creates and the lifelong learning opportunities for the entire community.”

The Global Mentorship Programme is one of the IAA’s key initiatives designed to transform the power of local alumni associations and clubs into a potent, inter-connected global network that brings best-in-class alumni services to the community. A special mention goes to the team of volunteers across the globe who have dedicated countless hours to bringing this programme to life.

To join the waitlist for the next launch in 2022, please register on iLink and contact Nathalie De Spiegeleire.

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