INDEVOR 25 – Dynamic Alumni Changemakers for Good

INDEVOR founding committee and participants at their 25-year reunion
Kristen Allen MBA’93J, Caroline Keatinge MBA’93D, Kinga Petro MBA’93D, Nagy Rizk MBA’93D, Anna Krzyzanowska MBA’93D, Josh Bottomley MBA’93D, Katie Smith Milway MBA’93D

25 years ago when Katie Smith Milway and Philippe Dongier (both MBA‘93D) brought a group of their classmates together (more than 120!) to found the first major MBA social impact organisation in the world (six months before HBS), they had no idea that 25 years later Dean Ilian Mihov would be championing their cause of “Business as a Force for Good” and positioning INSEAD as the “Best Business School for the World.”

The INDEVOR MBA Club is now one of the most popular MBA clubs across all campuses, as today’s MBAs are increasingly conscious of the imperative for business to do more than simply increase shareholder value … and after graduation these MBAs join the analogous Alumni Global Club, the INSEAD Global Impact Network (IGIN), which serves 1000+ members globally (sign-up page here, and LinkedIN Group here) and is growing rapidly.

Katie went on to lead the Knowledge Practice at The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit advisor to mission-driven leaders and leading producer of premium content for the social sector. Bridgespan publications and convenings have been instrumental in helping NGOs and their funders to “make bigger, longer, fewer bets on change … and to design for scale from the outset … which [Bridgespan’s] research shows correlates with breakthroughs.”

Philippe spent much of his career at the World Bank, helping entire countries improve their infrastructures for commerce – a career with significant impact. He remains enthusiastic about his work there, noting that he “would [often] get really excited at what we were doing … spending $2B/year on projects that we felt were the right things to do, and in a way that was likely to work … things like building roads around the country, putting in wells for water supply, fixing the clinics around the country.”

The founding class celebrated its 25th Alumni Reunion in Fontainebleau on 28 & 29 June, 2018, with an informal dialogue by Kinga Petro de Chalendar MBA’93D, co-founder of the Bercel Valley Nature Industry Park, the “first Nature Industry Park ever to be established, with the long-term objective of focusing on companies, production facilities and R&D initiatives which aim at leaving zero or negative ecological footprint.” 25 years ago Kinga, with assistance from INDEVOR, organised a public sector development project to pair INSEAD students and faculty with local experts to screen the Hungarian economy and suggest best practices to improve transformation processes. She is now at the forefront of helping GMO-free Hungary lead a worldwide transformation process toward ecologically friendly industry.

As INDEVOR’s and IGIN’s brands become more synonymous with “Business as a Force for Good”, their mandates are expected to expand to a wider audience, with broader topics and agendas. IGIN is expected to act as an enabler of networking and content, and be a leader among leaders, drawing in students and alumni from other schools and professionals who are keen to access the valuable networks of INSEAD impact alumni across the globe.

Please contact us if:

  • You are interested in establishing a local IGIN alumni chapter;
  • You would like to recruit from INSEAD alumni and/or post a job;
  • You would like to set up a job trek in your respective countries;
  • Your organisation would like to sponsor IGIN-related events and conferences;
  • You would like to participate in panels/conferences that the clubs host, or you have a particular topic and panel in mind that you would like to put together.

IGIN looks forward to engaging with the INSEAD alumni community to create a global network of social entrepreneurs and impact investors, and to support INSEAD’s mission to be the “Best Business School for the World”.

And please join us on the campus in Singapore on Thursday, 8th Nov, 2018 from 18:30 for the official INDEVOR 25th Anniversary celebration!! We look forward to welcoming anyone in the INSEAD family who wishes to make life better for all of us, and the world.


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