How Bright is the Interviewer? by Lars Moeller

When the job interviews started in spring of ’75, Lars Moeller indulged considerably.

A new dark suit, a white shirt, a blue tie, black shoes, a red handkerchief for the breast pocket. Even a fresh haircut was part of the investment. After all, his well-seasoned jeans, T-shirt and tennis shoes, the usual student uniform, would not look really trustworthy.

Proudly on his way to the first interview, brushed up and groomed, the textbook future executive, he was caught up by John Wollenberg, incidentally also strolling to present himself as a candidate for the same job. It was only too evident that John did not bother to disguise himself.  Worn out clothes, tennis shoes, the last hairdresser retired a considerable time ago.

Noticing Lars’ raised eyebrow, John explained cheerfully: Let’s see who succeeds. There are different ways to get a job offer! It depends how bright the interviewer is. You certainly look impressive – but I am the one who looks “hungry” for this job!

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