INSEAD event in Luanda, Angola from 8 to 10 October

Angola, the least-known big country in Africa according to The Economist, was the stage for a recent three-day INSEAD event with a twofold intent: (i) help establish the INSEAD brand in the local business community and (ii) boost the local alumni effort to launch a national alumni club.

Angola 1

The main event was a half-day conference on Friday, October 9th, under the title “Governance in the New World”, which was held at Hotel Epic Sana Luanda’s most renowned hotel and where Professor Ludo Van der Heyden was the keynote speaker. Paulo Silva Curto (future President of the National Club Angola) and Eduardo Moradas (President of the NAA Portugal) acted as hosts of the conference, together with Ludo Van der Heyden and Joaquim Paiva Chaves (VP of the IAA ExCo Committee) representing the school. Attendees to the conference were high-level managers from Angolan banks, insurance companies and large corporations, civil servants from the Central Bank, Finance Ministry and the Comissão do Mercado de Capitais (local securities commission), as well as lawyers, consultants and journalists.

Angola 2

The conference was preceded by an “invitation-only” dinner on Thursday and succeeded by a cocktail reception for our alumni at the French ambassador’s home on Friday evening.

The programme concluded with a masterclass by Prof. Van der Heyden at Universidade Católica de Angola on Saturday morning, where a group of fifty students and academics engaged in a lively and participative session on governance and the role of the board in making sure that “business is a force for good”.

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