Executive Education & Lifelong Learning for Alumni

As one of the largest providers of Executive Education, INSEAD’s programmes for executives are tailored to assist you with your lifelong professional development and learning, inspire new thinking and provide you with the opportunity to interact with top peers worldwide.

Highlighted are programmes of particular relevance that are designed to help you address your leadership challenges as you transition to more senior roles in your career across a range of areas including corporate governance, leadership, digital and innovation and senior leadership. Each programme builds on your experience at INSEAD and also provides you with opportunity to connect with top executives worldwide.

As a member of the INSEAD alumni network, you receive an exclusive 30% discount on our Executive Education open enrolment programmes.

To see a full list of executive education programmes, visit our website at www.insead.edu/executive-education.

Advanced Management Programme
Upcoming dates: 30 October – 24 November, 2017
Location: Fontainebleau
Length: 4 weeks

For further information contact: Meow Kim Ong at meowkim.ong@insead.edu

Corporate Governance
International Directors Programme
Upcoming dates: January / April / June 2018
Location: Fontainebleau
Length: 3 modules of 3 days

Leading from the Chair
Upcoming dates: 6 – 8 December, 2017
Location: Fontainebleau
Length: 3 days

Value Creation for Owners and Directors
Upcoming session: 30 October – 2 November, 2017
Location: Singapore
Length: 4 days

For more information contact: Margy Fuller at margy.fuller@insead.edu

Digital Transformation and Innovation
Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation
Upcoming dates: 26 – 30 March, 2018
Location: Fontainebleau
Length: 5 days

Leading Digital Marketing Strategy
Upcoming dates: 1 – 3 November,  2017
Location: Fontainebleau
Length: 3 days

Innovation by Design
Upcoming dates:  2 – 4 May,  2018
Location: Singapore
Length: 3 days

For further information contact:  Mark Hoggarth at mark.hoggarth@insead.edu

The Challenge of Leadership
Upcoming dates: January/March/May/December 2018
Location: Fontainebleau and Singapore
Length: 4 modules of 5 days

AVIRA: Awareness, Vision, Imagination, Role, Awareness
Upcoming date: 6 – 11 September, 2017
Location: Singapore
Length: 5 days

The Leadership Transition
Upcoming dates: Begins 26 February (module 1) & 16 May, 2018 (module 2)
Location: Fontainebleau
Length: 2 modules; 5 x 2 days

Leading for Results
Upcoming dates: 27 November – 1 December, 2017
Location: Singapore
Length: 5 days

For further information contact: Serena Teo at serenayh.teo@insead.edu

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