Dean’s Editorial: A Time for Celebration

Dean's Editorial

When the Financial Times released its 2016 Global MBA Ranking on 25 January, members of the INSEAD community could be heard cheering across the globe. INSEAD, the ranking said, was the #1 MBA Programme in the world.

This was a historic moment — both for INSEAD and the business news outlet. It was the first time in FT history that a one-year MBA programme had earned the highest ranking. It was the first time that an MBA programme with substantial Asian presence was ranked no. 1, indicating a change in the demographics of top business students. It was also the first time that a school’s three MBA programmes were ranked no. 1 in their respective categories, as the Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA and INSEAD’s Global EMBA were named top of their kind.

I am humbled by these accolades, and attribute them to the collective actions of each of you in the INSEAD community — our alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends. Every day, you strive for excellence in the classroom and out in the world. Every day, you work and lead in the spirit of innovation. Every day, you aspire to use business as a force for good.

As we celebrate these rankings, allow me to acknowledge the following teams, initiatives and accomplishments that have contributed to this momentous occasion. To all of you responsible and particularly to the alumni who filled up the survey, I extend my deepest thanks.

Our alumni: Leading by example
The 2016 FT ranking of CEOs saw eight of our alumni among the world’s largest 500 listed companies. In addition, our 50,000-plus alumni live and breathe the INSEAD mission, as evidenced by their work in organisations and communities across 174 countries. I’ve personally witnessed the diverse ways in which many of our graduates are harnessing business to positively influence our global economy, society and planet. This has a ripple effect, inspiring the next generation of business leaders to do well and do good.

In addition, the passion that our alumni have for INSEAD enables the school to continue to attract top-tier students from across all regions of the world. Finally, the mentorship, fellowship and leadership that our graduates extend to one another is critical to the strength and vitality of our alumni network.

Our faculty and staff: Elevating our teaching and research
Our talented faculty and dedicated staff are responsible for developing an MBA curriculum that’s unlike anything else in the world. With their tireless commitment to innovation, these scholars and leaders have continually evolved our educational offerings to better meet the changing needs of students. Thanks to their efforts, INSEAD students receive the tools and training they need to lead — and pivot — in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Aside from these programming feats, our faculty members have garnered widespread attention for their breakthrough research. Along with increasing their investments in research projects and publishing opportunities, they’ve contributed to fostering a dynamic environment for scholarship at INSEAD — which, in turn, has enabled the school to attract the best and brightest in academia.

Our students: Diversity meets brilliance
As you know, our students aren’t just known for their intelligence and aptitude; they’re exceptionally diverse, hailing from more than 80 countries and representing a broad range of interests and perspectives. These students have enabled INSEAD to create a one-of-a-kind classroom environment and offer the most internationally diverse MBA programme in the world. The international nature of our student body is only expected to increase, given that our Abu Dhabi and Singapore campuses are in their 7th and 17th years, respectively. Thanks to our students, INSEAD is truly the most global business school in the world.

The benefits of this global education are indisputable when you look at the success of our students post-graduation. More of our PhD graduates find faculty positions at top schools than those in any other programme; in fact, 46 percent of our students in the past year have been placed in the top 50 FT schools. Meanwhile, our graduates’ salaries and post-graduation salary increases continue to rise, as does the return-on-investment of the INSEAD degree.

Reflecting back, looking ahead
Certainly, this is a time for celebration. But let’s also use this time to renew our commitment to the values that have enabled INSEAD to rise to the top. As members of the INSEAD family, we are all called to lead, innovate and harness the power of markets for the good of the world.

We have come so far as a change agent — and the FT rankings are a testament to that. But our work is not yet done. Together, let’s journey ahead.

Yours sincerely,

Ilian Mihov

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Photo gallery of the celebrations on our three campuses

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