IPEC, a global INSEAD ambassador

With origins dating back the early 90’s the INSEAD Private Equity Club (IPEC) is represented by both an Alumni Club and Student Club dedicated to the private markets – this broadly comprises of private equity, real assets, secondary funds and deals, and venture capital. IPEC is generally synonymous with anything related to the alternative asset industry. It has become one of the strongest associations and by that token one of the strongest brands related to INSEAD. This success is driven by the high level of commitment and engagement between the Alumni Club and the Student Club.

IPEC serves as a gateway between the on and off-campus communities and generates content and creates platforms for conversations between generations young and old. With over 3,500 members (sign up page here), IPEC is broadly represented across the globe with over 20 chapters across Europe, North America, LATAM, Middle East, Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Chapters are present in Africa, Belgium/Luxembourg, Brazil, Canada, Frontier Markets (Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand & Myanmar), Hong Kong, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, UK, and the US. If you are interested in establishing a chapter please contact Francois Aguerre MBA’05D and Jonathan Monie MBA’11J.

The IPEC Alumni Club has successfully pioneered a global network of chapters by working with local National Alumni Associations (NAA) to identify potential chapter heads. This is frequently done via an endorsement model, whereby the Alumni Club and the local NAA jointly agree on a candidate to represent the club’s activities in each country and work with the local NAAs. Each chapter has its own set of activities which are typically published in the Alumni Club’s quarterly global newsletter. The newsletter also publishes a list of global industry conferences (such as SuperReturns and SuperInvestor conferences) and discounts available to alumni.

Panel Session in Amphi B

IPEC’s brand power, and its reputation within the INSEAD community, is in large part due to the two annual highlights every year – the IPEC conferences hosted in Fontainebleau and in Singapore. The Fontainebleau conference is held in May, coinciding with the alumni reunion weekend, and the Singapore event is typically hosted in November. The Fontainebleau conference recently completed a very successful 15th edition and the Singapore event is now on its 9th edition.

Stephen Schwarzman, Founder of Blackstone

These events are a coordinated effort between the Alumni and the Student clubs, and have become a defining experience for both student and alumni as they work together to organise large conferences of 250-400 participants. The conferences have seen tremendous success and received overwhelming support from INSEAD’s community.

Notable speakers have included: Stephen Schwarzman Founder of Blackstone, Howard Marks Founder of OakTree, and in more recent years, the founding INSEAD team from BlaBlaCar, Fred Mazzella MBA’07D and Nicolas Brusson MBA’07J, as well as other distinguished alumni such as John Singer MBA’78, and  Michael Phillips MBA’89J. Please see this link for further details of recent events.

The Alumni and Student clubs also jointly collaborate on student treks. Annually there are student treks to London, France and Singapore, and from time-to-time to the US or LATAM.

Howard Marks Founder of OakTree and Professor Claudia Zeisberger

As IPEC’s brand becomes more synonymous with the investment industry, its mandate is expected to expand to awider audience, with broader topics and agendas. The club is expected to act as an enabler of networking and content, and be a leader among leaders in the industry, impacting students and alumni from other schools and professionals who are keen to get access to the valuable content produced by IPEC.

Currently on the agenda is the upcoming conference in Singapore, which will be held on 9 and 10 November 2017. More details about this will be shared in the coming weeks.

You are encouraged to engage with IPEC if:

  • You are interested in establishing a local chapter;
  • You would like to recruit from INSEAD alumni and/or post a job;
  • You would like to set-up a trek in your respective countries;
  • Your organisation would like to sponsor IPEC related events and conferences;
  • You would like to participate in panels/conferences that the clubs host, or you have a particular topic and panel in mind that you would like to put together;
  • You are seeking funding for a deal or a fund, or generally just want to network within the PE, VC or other alternative asset communities. IPEC remains a gateway and resource for alumni and is dedicated to creating interactions for the alumni network;
  • You seek to publish a case study. IPEC can refer you to relevant professors and Centres of Excellence on campus;

IPEC looks forward to engaging with the INSEAD community to create a global network of entrepreneurs and investors and to support INSEAD’s mission to be the Business School for the World.

If you have questions, comments or want to find ways to engage with IPEC, please reach out to Francois Aguerre MBA’05D and Jonathan Monie MBA’11J.

And for recent student graduates, do not forget to sign-up to our newsletters here!

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